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Or that thing that guys do where they make their pecs dance? That both amuses and concerns me. I have a total love-hate thing with Halloween. It's my official night off from "work" and it's also a night that can go so very, horribly wrong. Mmhmm, for real. And trust me, I'm kinda crazy about modern day Buffy too. She's not so easily vamp chow.
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It's a great power that comes with a certain amount of responsibility. I'll try not to do it too much. If it's any consolation, you topless interests me a lot more. I actually get that, I mean I wouldn't have before...but knowing some of the stuff you've dealt with now, Halloween does kind of seem, I don't know, weird. Definitely no dressing up as vampires or other things like that. If being Lady Buffy was traumatic, I can try to help. I didn't have a razor on the island, obviously, so I came out looking like a caveman. The beard was ridiculous.
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Dancing pecs can be avoided. Mostly because I happen to think my biceps are my greatest weapon. You should definitely do something about that. You wouldn't want me to suffer, which is what's happening now. I've been half paying attention while they go over last quarter's reports. I could use a Buffy distraction. Vampire costumes a probably would look better than me in the green leather, though. And control freak I can handle. I'd never want anything that makes you who you are stripped away. The mountain man beard definitely wasn't a good look. A hint of stubble is my friend.