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She saved the world...

A lot.

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Name:Buffy Anne Summers
Birthdate:Jan 19
Location:New York, New York, United States of America

buffy summers bio

"I miss my home. I miss my mom. I miss the gang. And churros. And sex. Great muppety Odin, I miss that sex."

Buffy Summers was the Chosen One - this generation's Slayer, the girl destined to defend humanity from evil. She's never been one to follow the rules.

Buffy has fought hard to retain her sanity, and her personality. At one time she assumed that being the Slayer and being Buffy Summers were two separate things. That she would never be both and have it work. The truth is, she can't be one without the other. Being the Slayer is just part of being Buffy. Yes, she's the girl known for loitering in graveyards and running off in the middle of dates. Yes, she's saved the world, and staked more than her fair share of vampires. She's still friendly, bubbly, strong, caring and has a keen fashion sense.

The only real problem with being Buffy and the Slayer is that her romantic life is never what she'd planned, and for the most part it's a work in progress. One of these days she's get the balance right.

Buffy is just a girl. Sure, she's a girl that's been Chosen, but she's still just a girl.


Disclaimer: Not Buffy Summers, not even remotely linked to God Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, or Dark Horse comics. This is all for fun and games, do not hurt me. Not Sarah Michelle Gellar either, my hair's not that blonde.

Muse and mun are both over 18, so play carefully.

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