unrecognizable: (➹ It gets okay to praise the day)
OLIVER QUEEN ([personal profile] unrecognizable) wrote in [personal profile] gr8muppetyodin 2014-11-23 09:41 am (UTC)

It's a great power that comes with a certain amount of responsibility. I'll try not to do it too much. If it's any consolation, you topless interests me a lot more. I actually get that, I mean I wouldn't have before...but knowing some of the stuff you've dealt with now, Halloween does kind of seem, I don't know, weird. Definitely no dressing up as vampires or other things like that. If being Lady Buffy was traumatic, I can try to help. I didn't have a razor on the island, obviously, so I came out looking like a caveman. The beard was ridiculous.

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