gr8muppetyodin: (tired (s5))
Buffy Anne Summers ([personal profile] gr8muppetyodin) wrote 2014-11-25 01:19 am (UTC)

I do enjoy looking at your biceps. And your back. And your ass. And your everything. Oh, I can fix it in a snap! Get it - snap, picture - solid gold humour right there. Expect a soothing balm for your suffering shortly. Honestly, I know that this position isn't exactly your main focus, but I still don't know how even the most hardcore exec stays awake in those things. Don't sell yourself short, although I'm willing to try out green leather of some kind. And this is why I love you. That, and I'm a truly terrible cook so it's not like you're with me for my domesticity skills. Right, no going back to the mountain man look. Stick with the sexy, sexy stubble.

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